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Your Name/Alias: Comic
Age: 22
Character: Jessie
Series: Pokemon
Character Age: 17-18? OLDER THAN THE TWERPS.
Canon: Jessie is the female portion of a small group affectionately referred to as TEAM ROCKET!! Consisting of herself,
fellow member James, the talking scratch-cat pokemon Meowth, and their own pokemon, Team Rocket is as persistent as they are ineffectual.
They provide the series with needed antagonism and fourth wall breaking at times, although at times they do assist the main protagonists of the
series, whom they affectionately refer to as TWERPS!

Jessie is the most ambitious of the team, whereas James seems mostly along for the ride, and Meowth has his singular goal of becoming the
boss's top cat, Jessie is more base in her needs. Money! Jewelry! Fame and wealth! These and more simply await her should she simply capture
the twerp's pikachu*. (*The factual reliability of this statement remains to be seen.) Easily angered, Jessie is one to hold a grudge and
stubbornly stick to a plan when it should be obvious they should have left Dodge. She's also quite selfish at times, thinking about herself first,
second, and third, James and Meowth fourth. Anyone else is less than important. This is not to say she doesn't have more well rounded moments,
as she does, just that they're not too integral to capturing that pikachu! Or making money. Whichever.

Sample Post:

Those blunderheads! I said I wanted a private chateau, not go on a primate game show! Well, I guess it's not a complete
loss, I did win some swampland from the host as a consolation prize. How was I supposed to know you form your answers in
the form of a question? That's just bananas. But I guess it has some a-peel if they can afford to give me something for free~!

Now I just have to check this place out, if it's no good, I could always just give it to the boss! I can hear him now,
"Oh Jessie, thank you for this wretched swampland which only I can make use of, here, have this elegant jewelry!" I can feel
the expensive weight of pearls in my hand right now... h-hey! You're not the boss! And this definitely isn't treasure! You can't
fool me by calling them your family jewels, they don't even look worthy to be called family drools!

Geez, the nerve of some people, they can keep their worthless baubles, it looks like they can use all the beauty they can get.
Not everyone can have perfect skin like moi, ohohohoho~ This does pose a problem, they sold me swampland with squatters! I'll
just have to round them up and roll them out! I call it 'Jessie's Solo Rollout Plan'! Wait, solo? I haven't sunk so low to do
all the manual work. Where are those numbskulls when you need them? They're useless!

No, not you numbskulls-- there's an ointment for that. Losing feeling in your scalp isn't a good sign, in fact if you just use a
little bit of this specially formulated shampoo every time you shower and you could use a shower, it'll clear that right up.
Although I suppose that's only a brick in your wall of ugliness-AHEM I mean you'll have a ball with your loveliness! No need to thank
me with hugs, but I do accept cash or major credit cards~ HEY! I mean it, stop touching me! If you don't, I'll kick you in the family drools!

Vote %:
IN - 59 (98.3%)
OUT - 1 (1.7%)
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