Jessie of Team Rocket (dispair4trouble) wrote,
Jessie of Team Rocket

Permission/Stats Meme, copypasted from James almost!

Age: 16? 17? The world may never know.
Height: ...Taller than Ash! :/
Weight: You never ask a lady her weight, unless you want to get punched!
Medical Info: Perfectly Healthy, but gets injured a lot? It'd be too hard to go into detail suffice to say Team Rocket always manages to fly into the distance every episode. And be fine the next.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red fuschia
Physical traits: She's pretty normal, pretty, lithe. Her hair defies gravity and is pretty long at that. Who knows how she gets it to do that.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything really, Team Rocket breaks the fourth wall in passing sometimes but she'd probably go 'shut it' if you told her she was fictional. Or misinterpret in that people are writing stories about her and she wants the royalties.
Abilities: She's slapstick gold, so if she needs to run from an opponent for hours straight? SHE'LL FIND THE MEANS. Survive a lethal explosion? Sure! Beyond that she's a Pokemon Trainer. She has three pokemon with her: Wobbuffet, Seviper, and Dustox. She's kind of abusive but they love her and do what she wants.
Notes for the Psychics: No psychic blocks, she's a pretty easy read. She's pretty selfish and thinks she deserves everything she wants. But, she has emo past of having nothing ever so it kind of balances.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure, just give me a heads up beforehand it it's going to have long lasting effects.
Maim/Murder/Death: I'd rather you not, but if it can be done 'innocently' or 'slapsticky' enough, sure, why not.
Cooking: Snowgasborg- and entire buffet made of snow! She is little cooking skills, really, and when she attempts they come out pretty badly.
Tags: permission/stats meme
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